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We will use fictive names for this blog. Fear The Cops parkour team was born in the winter 2006-2007. Our friend, Zytar, taught us what parkour and free running are and he chose our name.

            Our team was composed of Zytar, Soyz and Abcisse. We could say David who followed us everywhere without making parkour. He became our cameraman later, when the authorities regave him his camera.

            At the beginning we were practised in the snow just for fun. We tried flip and we jumped of roof higher each time. Then we discovered the wall flip and other tricks. The snow was gone and we make our first movie. Then the summer came and we , Soys and Abcisse, have to move far away, at levis city and Zytar stop to practising the parkour because a problem of ankle. Then we meet, thanks to internet, Korr who live near of us. Probably that will try to find an other name for our team, a better one.

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